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Tune in to the voice of the TRMN and fan groups everywhere. We strive to bring you quality programming, including music, talk shows, and original content, including Manticore Speaks, our bi-monthly interview show.




Martin - Station Head

DJ Name: MDog

Martin is the station head, your US East Coast evening DJ, and host of Manticore Speaks, our Bi-Weekly Talk/Interview show.


David - Deputy Head

DJ Name: Maelstrom

David is the station deputy head, your UK DJ, and general Station Manager. He coordinates with the Program Diretcors on scheduling and content.


Pending - Music Director

The Music Director will be responsible for planning out the Music Rotations and DJs schedules for Live Music.


Pending - Original Content Director

The Original Content Director will be responsible for planning our original content. They will be responsible for scheduling in their area.


Pending - Interviews & News Director

The Interviews and News Director will be responsible for planning out Interview News Shows, as well as scheduled News blurbs. They will be responsible for scheduling in their area.


Pending - Promo & Advertising

The Promo and Advertising Director is responsible for all the Promotional peices and advertising on the channel, including ensuring that some are scheduled through each segment.


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Radio Manticore is here for all Fandoms! If you have a show you wish to help us create, please use the contact form below!


Manticore Speaks

Do you want to know what is going on in TRMN, and even other Fan groups? Then check out our bi-weekly talk show, Manticore Speaks where you will hear interviews with movers and shakers of fandome, and possibly even some special guests from time to time!

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Music With The FLA

Join us for two evenings a week when the Royal Manticoran Navy's own First Lord of the Admiralty, DJ MDog, shares his music library with everyone. Drop by the Discord and chat with him as he DJ's and takes the occasional request. See the Schedule for more info.

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The Stocktake

Want to know what is new in BuSup? Need to know why our policies require certain orders? Need to know how we source our items? If so, this podcast is for you! Not only does Ben Wagner bring you this information, but he is a great source of knowledge. Check it out!

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